In manufacturing processes the following technologies are used:

  1. Cutting of materials:
    • mechanical (band saws, circular saws, gate shears)
    • thermal (gas cutters, plasma cutters).
  2. Hole drilling (radial drilling machines, jig drilling machines, automatic drilling machines).
  3. Machining of structural elements (drilling and milling machines).
  4. Plate rolling (rolling machines for plates).
  5. Welding:
    • submerged arc welding with solid wire electrode (method 121)
    • MAG welding with solid wire electrode (method 135)
    • MAG welding with flux/metal cored electrodes (methods 136 and 138)
    • arc stud welding with ceramic ferrule or shielding gas (method 783).
  6. Mechanical blasting of the surface to the roughness grade of Sa 2½ to Sa 3 with steel shot, in tunnel and chamber blasting machines.
  7. Metal spraying.
  8. Painting – airless spraying of coats.

We possess:

  1. Certified Welders Training Centre
  2. Certified Testing Laboratory within the range of measurements, inspections and tests in accordance with requirements of PN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

We have got state of the art devices and machines, such as:

  1. plasma cutter for plates AJAN
  2. line for the cutting and drilling of profiles – VOORTMAN
  3. automatic machine for round pipes (3D) – HGG
  4. automatic machine for welding of profiles and plates – ESAB, CMM
  5. chamber blasting machine – SCHLICK
  6. tunnel blasting machines
  7. drilling boring and milling machine for machining of structural elements – FRORIEP
  8. jig drilling machine – CMA.