Safety policy


MOSTOSTAL WECHTA within its business activity considers as the priority the health and safety at work of people engaged in the company’s works.

Our mission is to provide our Customers with the products affording the satisfaction of their utilization, safe and environment-friendly.

The aim of our policy is tending to the least quantity of injuries at work as well as maintenance the efficient system of health and safety management, oriented to the engagement of all employees in the suitable execution of works, great responsibility for own and the co-workers safety on the level of the organizational structure of the Company.

Assuring the high quality of our products and services we actively protect the environment and the employees’ health. Standards regarding health and safety at work and environment protection are treated equally with the production and quality standards.

Policy of health and safety in MOSTOSTAL WECHTA is directed to all Company employees, it comprises all necessary activities aiming at improvement and assurance of safe and hygienic working conditions.

The Company health and safety policy provides safety of the own employees, subcontractors’ employees and the workers providing services on behalf of the Company.

MOSTOSTAL WECHTA expresses the health and safety policy as a commitment to:

  • Observing regulations and legal acts regarding health and safety as well as the environment protection within the production activity of the Company,
  • Preventing the accidents at works, industrial diseases and emergencies as well as immediate responsiveness when one of them happens,
  • Continuous evaluation and limiting of the occupational risk connected with hazards at the work posts,
  • Striving for constant improvement of the health and safety at work together with fire and the workers’ health protection,
  • Conducting the waste management in a way safe for the environment by providing suitable waste segregation and their transmitting to recovery or rendering harmless to the appropriate companies,
  • Increasing qualifications and considering the role of employees and their engagement in activities improving health and safety at work, environment and fire protection,
  • Allocating necessary resources for constant improvement of the conditions of health and safety, environment protection and fire protection.